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Black & Curly Hair in Birmingham

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Salon of the Year 2013 & 2015

Midlands Black Hair and Beauty Awards


A black and curly hair salon (but by no means exclusively): A black salon, a curly hair salon, an Afro Caribbean salon. You can choose how you see us but we have the skills to work with all hair types and offer services to everyone. A multi ethnic, cosmopolitan Birmingham hairdressers.


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To feel fantastic.

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Book online at our real-time online booking service. See what's available at any time of the day.Book online any time.

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Free advice especially aimed at black, mixed race, Afro and curly hair.Contact us for free advice

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13hrs City Centre Parking for £4.00

Birmingham city centre parking just for Klassic Koncept clients. No more worrying about parking times.Exclusive to Klassic Koncept clients.

Working with NCP.


You might get chance to win a service or products. We have regular competitions and they're open to everyone.Latest emails and other useful updates.



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We always need gifts for friends and family. You can't do better than get a voucher from Klassic Koncept Birmingham's black and curly hair specialists.For a birthday, anniversary or just as a little

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You can purchase hair care products for black/afro, curly hair. We stock and use only the best: Mizani, Keracare, Wella System Professional.Get what you need

when you need it.

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Although we try to make sure you don't spend more time in the salon than necessary, we'll make it comfortable for you while you are with us.Work, browse or play

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No crazy price structures that involve invented hierarchies. We'll give you a clear price.Clear, simple, and wherever possible, all-inclusive pricing structure


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We have grown on client recommendation and always appreciate it when you refer other people to us.Earn discounts and vouchers for you and your friends.


Klassic Koncept  is all things to black and curly hair (but by no means exclusively): a black salon,

a curly hair salon, an Afro Caribbean salon. You can choose how you see us but we have the skills

to work with all hair types and offer services to everyone. A multi ethnic, cosmopolitan Birmingham salon.


Choosing a hair salon is both easy and hard. The easy route is when friends recommend their salon to you - word of mouth is always the best option. A salon that grows continuously on the back of client recommendations is always the one to choose over picking one on the basis of a flyer or an advert. Over the last 15 years we have grown steadily from a small operation in the suburbs to a large city centre salon, all thanks to our loyal customer base putting our name out there.


If you are looking for a curly hair salon that understands how to work for the long term benefit of your hair it can be quite hard. Why is this when there are so many black salons to choose from? Well, to put it simply black hair salons have traditionally been heavy on the quick results side of things but not quite so efficient on looking after the hair in the long term. Theory is just as important for the clients as well as the stylist and if you are not getting the information you need from your salon you are not getting the service you should. We know that for our clients knowledge and education are empowering. It's all part of the service. Tony Blair said many things that you may not agree with but "Ask me my three main priorities for government and I tell you education, education, and education" is just as valid for hairdressers as for government, and black, curly hairdressers in particular. 

Black, curly, mixed race, afro caribbean hairdressing demands exceptional understanding of the technical side of the hair and products we work with. At Klassic Koncept we go that extra mile to make sure we are bang up to date with the latest information and base all our decisions about your hair on its long term health, not our short term gain.


Choosing a hair salon becomes easy when you know who we are and what our priorites are.


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